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Application for Reactivating Utility Services

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  2. Application for Reactivating Utility Services

    1. Completed, dated and signed service application.
    2. Copy of valid applicant's government-issued identification; such as state drivers license, passport, etc.
    3. Deposit amounts are as follows (customer service will call you for payment):
    • $50.00 Water Deposit (3/4" Connection)
    • $50.00 Sewer Deposit (3/4" Connection)
    • $30.00 Non-Refundable Service Fee
             $130.00 Total to reactivate service
    All paperwork and deposits must be in our office by 3pm on date requested to start service.
  4. Please Note: Start date cannot precede application date, nor can Start Date occur on a weekend or holiday.
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  7. Is Mailing Address different than Service Address?*
  9. Would you like to receive paperless billing to the email address above?
    The account must be closed in writing, can be done either in person, email, fax or by mailing a signed letter from the account holder(s) requesting to disconnect the water. The deposit will be applied to your final bill. You will receive a final bill with either a refund or a balance due. If a balance is due, please pay promptly. NO PHONE REQUESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!
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