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Business Tax Receipt Rental Application

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  2. Business Tax Receipt Rental Application


  3. PLEASE NOTE: A residence can be rented only on a weekly, monthly or longer basis and the landlord must have a business tax receipt. Rentals of less than one week are prohibited in each of the City’s residential zoning districts.

    Business Tax Receipts require annual renewal.

    The 2019 Florida Statutes, Chapter 205: LOCAL BUSINESS TAXES         

    205.042 Levy; municipalities. —The governing body of an incorporated municipality may levy, by appropriate resolution or ordinance, a business tax for the privilege of engaging in or managing any business, profession, or occupation within its jurisdiction. However, the governing body must first give at least 14 days’ public notice between the first and last reading of the resolution or ordinance by publishing the notice in a newspaper of general circulation within its jurisdiction as defined by law. The notice must contain the proposed classifications and rates applicable to the business tax.


    The definition of a business, profession or occupation in the City’s code specifically states that it is “the use of capital, labor or management in an enterprise intended or operated for pecuniary (financial) gain.”  Also, the “rental” use is listed specifically in the tax receipt fee schedule (section 50-160). Therefore, rentals are considered businesses and are, therefore, levied for the local business tax.

    The schedule of fees for tax receipts issued by the city shall be as follows:

    Rental Annual Fee – One/Two-Family Dwelling (each)         $26.25
    Non-Refundable Application Fee                                           $20.00
    Total Due                                                                               $46.25

    Make payable to: City of West Melbourne, 2240 Minton Road, West Melbourne, FL 32904

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