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Public Records Request Form

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    2240 Minton Road
    West Melbourne, FL 32904
    Phone: 321-837-7783
    Fax: 321-768-2390
  4. Note: Florida law does not require you to provide your name or complete this form. We ask for this information so that we may track the status of your request and ensure your request is met in a timely manner. Often, your request must be routed to a particular office where the information is maintained, or we might need to contact you to clarify your request. Our goal is to be as expeditious as possible in fulfilling your request.
  5. Charge for Copies: 8 1/2 x 14 or smaller: $0.15/page Double-sided: $0.20/page Color: $0.25/page. In addition, there is a service charge for any reasonable time spent over and above 15 minutes to fulfill records request (the first 15 minutes shall be at no charge). This charge is determined based on the labor cost of the personnel providing the service. A cost estimate may be provided before the request is filled.
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