Parking Citations

The Traffic Administration Unit is responsible for the handling of City Parking Ordinance Violations for the police department. Parking citations are issued in accordance with Chapter 54 Article II of the West Melbourne City Code.

Payment of Parking Citations

Payment for Parking Citations must be made within 10 days of issuance of the citation; payments can be made via check or cash only either at the West Melbourne Police Department or via mail to the West Melbourne Police Department at:
2290 Minton Road
West Melbourne, Fl 32904

Checks are made payable to the City of West Melbourne.

Requesting an Administrative Review

An Administrative Review of issued parking citations can be made per Sec 54-57.1 of the City of West Melbourne Ordinance. Administrative Reviews must be submitted in person via the Request for an Administrative Review form (PDF) within 10 days of issuance of the parking citation. Once the Request for Administrative Review form is received it will be processed and within 14 days the alleged violator will receive a letter in the mail noting the Police Chief’s decision.

Failure to Pay / Owners Liability

The owner of the vehicle is responsible and liable for the payment of any city parking ordinance violations unless they can provide evidence that proves another individual had custody of that vehicle when the citation was issued.