Neighborhood Crime Watch

Citizen participation is one of the most effective tools against crime because the job of stopping burglary, robbery or sexual assault is impossible for the police to accomplish alone. Crime watchers are networks of neighbors trained by crime prevention and Community Police Officers in home and self protection, suspect identification and how to serve effectively as additional eyes and ears for law enforcement agencies in their communities.

Be Vigilant

The security of the community and its citizens depends upon the people themselves. You and your neighbors are the ones who really know what is going on in your neighborhood. No police department can effectively protect life and property without the support and cooperation of the citizens it serves. They cannot be everywhere all of the time and they need your eyes and ears. Every citizen should be a Neighborhood Watch member…a concerned, public-spirited person who watches their neighborhood and reports criminal activity to their local law enforcement agency.

More Information

Additional resources include: National Neighborhood Watch and the National Crime Prevention Council.

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