Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is responsible for providing the City of West Melbourne with proactive leadership in city-wide information and telecommunication technologies. The Information Technology Department employs a clear and consistent approach to implementing and maintaining the information and communications technology infrastructure in support of the City's present environment and future direction.


Primary responsibilities incorporate providing and maintaining the City's complex data and communication network infrastructures and enterprise applications, and ensuring the security of the City's information and data processes.

The Information Technology Department works collaboratively with City leadership and all City departments to ensure that the City is supported by appropriate levels of information technology services and support for achieving the organizational goals defined by City Council.


The City of West Melbourne Information Technology Department deploys centralized and decentralized information technology and telephone communication staff that maintain and deliver the City's services respective to these technologies. Information technology must strategically balance the citywide infrastructure and technology needs with the individual priorities of our Mayor, City Council, City Manager and all City departments. 

Additionally, the Information Technology Department proactively apprises City management, departments and staff of changing technologies. These new technologies can be potentially beneficial for achieving organizational goals and are evaluated and implemented when such opportunities are identified.