Horizon 2030 Comprehensive Plan

Table of Contents - Volume 2

Data & Analysis

(Supporting narrative for Volume 1 - not adopted)

Section 1 Land Use & Development

  • Future Land Use Element (Contains the existing land use, population projection and infrastructure data)
  • Housing and Neighborhood Development Element (Contains the projected housing and population data)
  • Visioning Element (Describes the 6 principles used to form the comprehensive plan)

Section 2 Transportation

  • Multi-Modal Element (Promotes multi-modal alternatives as an approach to alleviating road congestion)
  • Transportation Service Standards Element (Provides the State and County data for road classification)

Section 3 Public Services & Improvements

  • Capital Improvements Element (Annual updates to the data for the public infrastructure projects)
  • Intergovernmental Coordination Element (Lists the existing intergovernmental contracts and the public infrastructure coordination)
  • Public Facilities Element (Describes each of the 4 infrastructure facilities and the projections for need)
  • Public School Facilities Element (Countywide data prepared by the School Board of the existing and future facilities)

Section 4 Environment

  • Conservation and Open Space Element (Information regarding natural resources as documented by State and federal agencies)
  • Parks and Public Spaces Element (Describes the various types of parks and the location of these in the city limits

Map Series Exhibit (Alphabetical Order)

(Contains 11 maps as support material to depict the land use, transportation, public facilities and environment sections)