Mortgage Registration


The City Council of the City of West Melbourne adopted the Mortgagee Registration Ordinance Number 2009-66 (PDF) requiring the registration, security and maintenance of residential properties in foreclosure. The ordinance requires mortgagees to provide contact information and the name of a local property manager. 

The cost to register a property in foreclosure is $150. A Mortgagee Registration Form (PDF) must be submitted along with the registration fee to:
City of West Melbourne
2240 Minton Road
West Melbourne, FL 32904-4917

Foreclosure Properties

For your convenience, an up-to-date listing of properties in foreclosure that have been registered with the City of West Melbourne is contained in the Mortgage Foreclosure Database (PDF).

Additional information on the Mortgage Foreclosure Ordinance can be obtained by contacting the Code Enforcement Office at 321-837-7776.