City Administration


The City Administration Department represents the executive branch of the City of West Melbourne government. The City Manager is the Chief Executive of the city and is responsible to the legislative body, the City Council, for policy execution and the proper administration of all City business as prescribed by law. City Manager, Scott Morgan, has been hired by the City Council through an employment agreement (PDF). The agreement binds Mr. Morgan to the code of ethics adopted by the International City/County Management Association.

Enforcement Responsibilities

In addition to overall municipal management responsibilities, the City Manager is responsible for the enforcement of local laws and regulations, for overseeing the City’s financial administration, for community relations, and promoting development that ensures a strong business climate and high quality of life for the residents of the community.


City Manager Scott Morgan has significant local government management experience, and has served as West Melbourne’s City Manager since July 2009. Under Morgan’s leadership, the City has reduced its long term police pension obligations and increased its ratio of pension assets to pension liabilities, even as actuarial assumptions were made more conservative. He successfully bid the City’s solid waste collection franchise, saving residential and business customers money while rolling out automated residential cart service that increased recycling by 75%. 

He also bid the City’s sewer collection and treatment operations and management, which has allowed the City to both maintain its favorable sewer rate structure and address hundreds of thousands of dollars in deferred maintenance in the collection system. He negotiated a new long term water supply agreement with the City of Melbourne and a reciprocal emergency water supply agreement with the City of Palm Bay. Morgan has hired an experienced senior management team, and West Melbourne’s municipal operations are considered to be especially efficient and effective.

Civil Service

Morgan has forty-two years experience in local government. Prior to being selected West Melbourne’s City Manager, he served as City Manager for the City of Anderson, California for eleven years and as Senior Assistant to the City Manager for the City of Orange for eight years. He also served as a Chief Executive Assistant for the County of Orange, and as the Housing and Community Development Coordinator for the City of Fountain Valley.


Morgan holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science and a Masters degree in Administration, both from the University of California, Irvine. He and his wife of thirty years, Nancy, live in West Melbourne and have two adult children. Their son William is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and their daughter Adeline is a graduate of the University of Florida.