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Reuse Information
In this section you will find helpful information about the City of West Melbourne's reclaimed water system.  Please refer to the links on the left for important reuse information.

May 25, 2017 Reuse Update

Despite Wednesday's welcome rain, reuse demand continues to be at very high levels. When too many users irrigate at the same time, pressures to any particular property drop.  One of the pieces of advice the City can offer is that users consider programming their irrigation a bit later in their authorized cycle, where our recent demand curves have shown less than peak demand.  For example, in south Westbrooke, those properties with odd numbered addresses will likely continue to see less pressure from the 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. part of their irrigation cycle, when demand has been peaking, than after 8 p.m., when demand starts to drop off.  If the peak demand continues to persist as it has recently, the pressures for odd addresses in south Westbrooke should continuously improve from 8 p.m. right up until their irrigation cycle ends at 10 p.m.

Another suggestion, of course, is that homeowners perform routine maintenance of their irrigation systems.  If homes on either side of your property seem to have adequate pressures, and your property does not, it may be that you have an irrigation system that is not performing at peak efficiency as it once did.  Replacing sprinkler heads is one fairly inexpensive thing to consider trying that might just help.

For the Timber Ridge neighborhood, an engineer from Orlando visited the site and has advised the City of his findings.  On the day of his site visit, homes in the neighborhood used an average amount of reuse equivalent to more than 8/10ths of an inch of rain.  The engineer has communicated his findings and recommendations to the city and Timber Ridge Homeowners Association.  One of the suggestions under consideration is to convert Timber Ridge to an odd address/even address  system like that in many other reuse neighborhoods.

For the Stratford Pointe neighborhood, for the last four weeks, the City's contract operator has manually turned in-neighborhood valves such that during the Stratford Pointe cycle, residents downstream in the Hammock Lakes neighborhood are physically unable to take reuse irrigation during Stratford Pointe's time.  However, this physical cut-off cannot work the other way so it is imperative that Stratford Pointe residents do not irrigate during Hammock Lakes' turn.  City Code Enforcement Officials continue to focus time of use enforcement in Stratford Pointe so as to provide as much reuse pressure as the system can provide to residents in Hammock Lakes.

As always, questions about reuse may be addressed to the City's contract operator, CH2M, at 984-0485.