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Minton Road Development Update


Update on development of private properties along Minton Road


There is one commercial development occurring within half (1/2) mile of City Hall:

  1. Shoff Offices - To the south of the new Cubmerland Farms at Henry Avenue and Minton Road, a 6,000 square foot office building is completed for the insurance offices of Michelle Shoff.  Ms. Shoff moved her business from Palm Bay to West Melbourne and this photograph shows the newly occupied commercial office building.

Shoff Offices

There are three sets of development that are occurring within half (1/2) mile of the public schools: 

  1. Heritage Pointe - Properties at the corner of Minton Road and Heritage Oaks Boulevard – The intersection of Minton Road and Heritage Oaks Boulevard is flanked by vacant properties on either side of Heritage Oaks Boulevard.

Heritage Point

The property on the south side of Heritage Oaks Boulevard contains approximately 20 acres.  A developer has submitted a rezoning to have a 50-unit single family subdivision on the property that was previously the potential location of an apartment complex.  The developer would like to have 50 foot wide lots as is already approved in the adjacent subdivision called Brookshire.  The aerial above shows a blue rectangle in approximately the area where the developer would like to rezone and change the future land use to allow single family residential.

The developer has been meeting with the boards of each of the four homeowner associations and with the immediate residents in Brookshire to explain their proposal.  These are not city sponsored meetings but we do encourage these meetings so the developer understands the issues that citizens are concerned with.  For more information, please contact the office of Forte Macauley Development Consultants: Andrew Evans –telephone 321-626-5514.  The developer has indicated they hope to sell the residential subdivision in 2017.  A subdivision plat has been submitted to the city.


Facts of the Request being Processed by the City

Developer is requesting:

Future Land Use Designation – Approximately less than half of the 20 acre site (the east side) is Medium Density Residential. The other half (west side) remains with a Commercial Future Land
Use Designation.

Zoning – Approximately less than half of the 20 acre site (the east side) is now zoned R-2, One, Two and
Multi-Family Residential to allow the 50’ wide single family lots. The other half (west side) remains with a Commercial Parkway zoning district.

Development Agreement – The developer has provided a contract, called a development agreement, to
encumber the east half of the property for at least thirty years with only fifty houses and no other types of
residential uses. The west side of the property is not impacted by this development agreement because
it would still be zoned for commercial uses.

The developer submitted this image to show the surrounding zoning and future land use
(acronym of FLU on the map below)


Heritage Point


  1. Wesley Groves
    Property across from the bus loop on Minton Road – During school dismissal, across from the
    flashing light that becomes red when school buses are leaving the schools, there is a 44-lot gated subdivision under construction. The +18-acre property only has access to Minton Road through its main road which will be private and gated as shown in this artist rendering.

    The developer has begun construction of new homes. The developer has a gate and landscaped retention pond to buffer the view of the houses from Minton Road. The photo below shows the view of the fencing and landscaping along Minton Road.

Wesley Groves Fence


  1. Palm Garden Lakes
    This is the property that used to be the golf course on Minton Road.  The site is shaped like the letter, “L” and has part of its property touching on Minton Road and the other part touches Milwaukee Avenue.  The developer would like to have 98 lots total on the +26 acres, with 77 of these lots being single family houses and 21 lots being townhouse units which will be for sale as individual lots too.  Any residential subdivision undergoes two sets of approval, the preliminary plat and when the infrastructure construction is complete or a performance bond is posted, a final plat is proposed.  At this time, the developer has an approved preliminary plat.  The aerial shows the location of the site

    Palm Gardens Proposal

    Facts of the Request being Processed by the City

    Developer is requesting:

    Subdivision- Most of the site will be developed with the 77 single family lots, but there could be 21 townhouses near Minton Road. The townhouses would be approximately 200 feet setback from Minton Road and the developer has pledged to install a buffer wall and landscaping between Minton Road and the townhouses. A retention pond will occupy most of the 200 foot space between Minton Road and the back of the townhouses.

    The developer submitted this image to show the lot layout

    Palm Gardens Proposal


  1. Grace Church
    A new church is being proposed to the south of Wesley Groves. Grace Church is a congregation that currently holds its services in Cinema World. Their new location would allow them to construct a 15,000 square foot church to accommodate their 400 parishioners. The church is civic minded and will be supportive of town planning efforts.