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Careers with WMPD

Police Officer: $39,000 - $59,000


Experienced Police Officers Starting Salary:

$40,000 - $45,000

(Based on experience)

Benefits Include:

  • Take Home Vehicle Program
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Addition Pay for Higher Education
  • Free Medical/Dental/Vision for employee 
  • 11 Paid Holidays & 1 Personal Day per year
  • 100 hours of sick time per year
  • 12 hour shifts-2/2/3's & Shift Differential
  • Department issued uniforms, weapons, and equipment
  • Assignment Pay for Specialty Units (CID, SIU, FTO, SRO, CPO)

Specialty Units (including but not limited to): 
  • K-9
  • Motor Unit
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Field Training Officer
  • Special Response Team (SRT)
  • Bike Patrol 
  • School Resource Officer

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The City of West Melbourne is proud to be a Drug-Free and Equal Employment Opportunity Employer! We will consider applicants without regard to age, sex, color, race, religion, national origin or physical handicap as prescribed by Federal and State Laws.

Florida Certified Officers
Brevard Police Testing Center performs all testing and screening for the Law Enforcement Academy at Eastern Florida State College. Candidates interested in employment with West Melbourne Police Department should be processed through the Brevard Police Testing Center as part of their candidate pool. Individuals who were previously processed through the Brevard Police Testing Center are encouraged to contact them to ensure that their files are up to date and meet their requirements.

Sworn Law Enforcement Officers
Current standards require police candidates to complete law enforcement academy training and successfully pass the State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE).

Equivalency of Training
Out of state certified law enforcement officers, federal officers, or Florida officers inactive for four (4) or more years may be exempt from basic recruit training and eligible for the Equivalency of Training (EOT). The City of West Melbourne does not make the determination of eligibility. To request an exemption from basic recruit training and information package, contact the following:  Criminal Justice Professionalism Program, Certification/Records Section at 850-410-8600.

Selection Process
Candidates must meet the minimum requirements for employment as a
 law enforcement officer under 
FSS 943.13.

               Candidates must meet the minimum requirements for Moral Character
             in accordance with 
Florida Rule 11B-27.0011.                 

Police Officer Applicant Process

  • Submit Employment Application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • The recruiter will screen all applicants. Screening will identify candidates who have the desirable characteristics for a vacant position(s). Candidates not selected for an interview will have their applications held on file for a period of 90 days.
  • Oral Board Interview - Consists of standardized questions/situations that are asked to each candidate. Candidates will be rated separately by each board member in the following areas: oral communication skills, interpersonal skills, and decision making skills. Candidates who successfully pass the oral board interview will move onto the next step (Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test).
  • Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test - Candidates who have not already taken the CJBAT with the Brevard Police Testing Center will be scheduled for the test.  Candidates who pass the CJBAT with a time of 3:59 or better will move onto the next step (Practical Scenario and Report Writing Exercise) at the discretion of the Chief.
  • Practical Scenario and Report Writing Exercise - At the discretion of the Chief, candidates will be evaluated on areas to include, but not limited to, the following: command presence, officer safety, following directions, interview techniques and writing skills. Candidates who successfully pass the practical scenario and report writing exercise will move to the next step (Command Staff Review).
  • Command Staff Review / Police Chief's Interview - Candidates will be interviewed and a collaborated hiring decision will be made based on their overall performance during the selection process. The Chief of Police will render the final decision on the suitability for employment of candidates and has the option of extending a conditional offer of employment to a candidate(s).
  • Candidates who receive a conditional offer of employment will be scheduled for polygraph, psychological, medical examinations, and drug screening.
  • Complete an extensive background investigation.
  • Submit to a polygraph examination with no issues of deception, falsification, or admissions that would violate Department employment standards.
  • Pass a psychological evaluation.
  • Pass a medical examination.
  • Pass a drug screening.
  • Complete testing and documentation with the Brevard Police Testing Program, Eastern Florida State College.
  • Successfully complete State Mandated Training.
  • Successfully pass Florida's State Officer Certification Exam.

Newly hired police officers will be required to pass a field training program before being allowed to perform the duties of a solo sworn law enforcement officer. The Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP) is a phase-based program where the new officer receives training and evaluation in agency policies and procedures for carrying out the duties of a police officer. The FTEP is normally a one year program divided into three phases: Orientation Phase, Field Training Phase, and Solo Officer Phase. The new officer is a probationary officer for one year.