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Civilian Ride-Along Program

The intention of this program is to allow members of the community to accompany on-duty police officers in police vehicles and observe police activities in order to better understand and appreciate the daily challenges and risks, as well as the opportunities for service, that come with police work.

If you wish to participate in the ride-along program, you must apply in person at the West Melbourne Police Department. Please complete the application and read the attached informational handout in its entirety. Once a background check has been completed, you will be contacted by the Patrol Division Administrative Assistant to schedule your ride-along.

As a ‘representative’ of the West Melbourne Police Department, you will be required to wear appropriate attire (eg: no shorts or mini-skirts; no shirts containing lewd or derogatory comments; closed toed shoes only) and have acceptable personal hygiene (no excessive perfume/cologne; dirty clothing) and grooming. Ride-along participants are not allowed to carry a weapon of any kind & the use of cameras and recording devices are not permitted.