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Reuse Information
In this section you will find helpful information about the City of West Melbourne's reclaimed water system.  Please refer to the links on the left for important reuse information.

Spring Time Recommendations to Homeowners Served with Municipal Reuse Water

Typically in late March and throughout April, homeowner demand for reuse irrigation water peaks. When too many users irrigate at the same time, pressures to any particular property drop.

One of the pieces of advice the City can offer is that in advance of peak demand season, homeowners perform routine maintenance of their reuse irrigation systems. If homes on either side of your property seem to have adequate pressures, and your property does not, it may be that you have an irrigation system that is not performing at peak efficiency as it once did. Replacing sprinkler heads is one fairly inexpensive thing to consider trying that might just help considerably.

Another very practical tip that is also beneficial to the health of your lawn is that users not overwater. Before peak demand season begins, you should check your timer, consider upgrading your timer as might be beneficial, and re-program the irrigation timing on each of your irrigation zones, insuring that you do not program any irrigation zone for longer than is necessary. For example, all things being equal, an irrigation zone on the north side of your property probably does not need as much time as zones on the south or west sides. Users may also consider programming their overall irrigation a bit later in their authorized cycle, where our historic peak period demand curves have consistently shown less than absolute peak demand.

The City will also be reminding residents in our even/odd address reuse neighborhoods that it is imperative that homeowners not take reuse when it is the time allotted for your neighbors across the street to irrigate. This reminder will be accomplished through the efforts of City Code Enforcement Officers, who help all our neighbors receiving reuse by seeking compliance with our reuse rules. These rules have been put in place for the benefit of all receiving reuse irrigation water.

For questions about reuse, homeowners may contact the City’s contract operator, Jacobs/CH2M, at 984-0485.