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Summary of Actions


June 20, 2017

Budget Workshop – Proposed FY 2017-2018 Operating Budget.  Council held a workshop and discussed the City Council list of priority projects and programs, and the proposed October 1, 2017, to September 30, 2018, budget.

Council Member Bentley was absent from the budget workshop, but attended the Regular Council meeting by telephone.

Legislative Update.  Council Members heard a legislative update on bills from the recent session in Tallahassee from Representative Randy Fine.

Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment.  Council unanimously adopted the transmittal of the large scale text amendment to the City’s comprehensive plan, creating a new future land use overlay designation, the “Town Center Overlay” and amending the goals, objectives and policies in the Future Land Use, Visioning, Transportation, and Multi-Modal Transportation elements to be consistent and supportive of a town center.

Consent Agenda.  Council unanimously approved the following: 

  • The Regular City Council meeting minutes for Tuesday, June 6, 2017, with a correction. 
  • Authorized the City Manager to enter into an agreement with ArtemisIT for the installation of electronic access control on fourteen doors at City Hall. 
  • Approved Resolution No. 2017-19, finding that certain land owned by the City (the Property) is not needed for City purposes, and that conveying the property to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for transportation purposes is in the public interest; approved a deed conveying the property to FDOT and authorized the Mayor to execute said deed; and to sign an FDOT donation of Property form relating to the conveyance. 
  • The submission of a Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grant application.
  • The purchase of two mobile Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) in the amount of $35,000 from NDI Recognition Systems.

Resurfacing City Roads, From Full Depth Reclamation to Double Micro-Surfacing.
  Council unanimously awarded the contract to Asphalt Paving Systems, Inc., in the amount of $412,449.95.

West Melbourne Community Park Phase 2 Skate Park Design-Build Project.  Council awarded, 6-1 with Mayor Rose opposing, the Design-Build contract for the West Melbourne Community Park Phase 2 Skate Park Project to Team Pain and selected the not-to-exceed option of $750,000 that best reflected the skate park elements as approved in the Park Master Plan.

(Council Member Bentley left the meeting.)

Sanitary Sewer Pipe Lining.  Council unanimously approved the lining of approximately 3,034 feet of sanitary sewer pipe on Virginia Road, North Laila Drive, Isla Street, East Laila Drive and West Laila Drive to be performed by Insituform Technologies, Inc., in the amount of $102,720.64.


Storm Drain Pipe Lining.  Council unanimously approved the storm drain pipe lining of two 60” pipe under Idlewylde Circle to be performed by Insituform Technologies, Inc., in the amount of $64,458.39.


Unbudgeted Vehicle Replacement.  Council unanimously approved the purchase of a 2017 Ford Explorer using the Florida Sheriffs Association and Florida Association of County’s piggyback bid from Duval Ford in the amount of $24,309 from the non-departmental contingency account.


West Melbourne Historic Art Production for Council Chamber.  Council unanimously selected the metallic production method proposed by Laserchrome for production of four full size and one half size high quality display panels to be mounted on the rear walls of the Council Chamber.

For additional information on these matters, call the City Clerk’s office at 321-837-7774.  City Council will meet again on Tuesday, July 18, 2017, after which this page will be updated.