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Summary of Actions




February 7, 2017


Fair Housing.  CDBG grant consultant Scott Modesitt of Summit Professional Services gave a short training course in federal fair housing laws.

Community Development Block Grant.  Council held a public hearing and 1)  received a presentation on the proposed Florida Small Cities Community Development Block Grant application from Scott Modesitt of Summit Professional Services, Inc., 2) considered public input on the proposed grant application, 3) unanimously adopted Resolution No. 2017-03 authorizing the submittal of a neighborhood revitalization category Community Development Block Grant application in the amount of $750,000 for making street improvements in the Cannova Park neighborhood, and 4) unanimously adopted Resolution No. 2017-04 approving a local match of $50,000 for the proposed grant-funded project.

Proposed 49-lot single family residential subdivision adjacent to Brookshire at Heritage Oaks.  Council held a public hearing and unanimously approved the preliminary plat, with conditions, of the proposed new single family subdivision located west of Brookshire at Heritage Oaks to be called Heritage Pointe.

Revise the “Planning and Zoning Board Meetings” Section in Chapter 66 to Allow for Meeting Date Flexibility.  Council held a public hearing and unanimously approved the first reading of Ordinance No. 2017-01, revising the Planning and Zoning Board meeting schedule in the City Codes, and set the matter for public hearing and adoption on February 21, 2017.

 Consent Agenda.  Council unanimously approved the following:

 - The Regular City Council meeting minutes for Tuesday, January 17, 2017.

 - Resolution No. 2017-02 approving an exchange of position classifications in the Recreation Department from a Secretary position to a Recreation Assistant position.

Amendment to Fiscal Year 2016-17 Police Department Budget, Exchanging One Police Officer Position For One Police Sergeant Position.  Council unanimously approved Resolution No. 2017-01 to amend Fiscal Year 2016-17 Police Department Budget, exchanging one Police Officer position for a Police Sergeant position that will be assigned to the Support Services Division, and authorized one additional Police Officer.

Selection of Council Member Liaisons for Capital Improvement Projects.  Council unanimously approved the selection of Council Members to serve as liaisons on identified capital improvement projects.

Transportation and Transit.  Council discussed the transportation and transit recommendations prepared by Mr. Charles Settgast.

For additional information on these matters, call the City Clerk’s office at 321-837-7774.  City Council will meet again on Tuesday, February 21, 2017, after which this page will be updated.