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Small Scale Amendment Package
The procedures to amend (or change) the City's adopted Comprehensive Plan are established by Chapter 163, Florida Statutes, and Rule 9J-5, Florida Administrative Code.  These policies and procedures are established for the City in Article XIII, Chapter 47, of the Land Development Regulations.

Comprehensive Plan Amendments may be submitted as:

  • Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) more than ten acres.

          No submittal deadline.


  • Small Scale Amendment (SSA).  Applications for SSA's are accepted throughout the year.  In order to qualify as a SSA, the following requirements must be met.
  1. The proposed amendment is for a site ten acres or less.
  2. The proposed amendment does not involve the same property granted a change within the prior 12 months.
  3. The proposed amendment does not involve the same owner's property within 200 feet of property granted a change within the prior 12 months.
  4. The proposed amendment does not involve a text change to the goals, policies, and objectives of the City's adopted comprehensive plan, but only proposes a land use change to the future land use map for a site-specific small scale development activity.
  5. The property that is the subject of the proposed amendment is not located within an area of critical state concern.
  6. If the proposed amendment involves a residential land use, the residential land use has a density of 10 units or less per acre.  The only exception to this requirement is an annexation that does not increase the residential density of the land use category in the County.  (For example, if the County land use allowed greater than 10 units per acre, the property could be annexed with a density up to that allowed by the County land use.)
Download Comprehensive Plan Application Packet