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City Management
City Manager
Scott Morgan
Ph: 321-837-7771
Police Chief
Richard T. Wiley
Ph: 321-723-9673
City Attorney
Morris Richardson
Ph: 321-837-7772

Management Team
The Management Team who reports to the City Manager includes:

Team Member Position Phone Number/Extension
Keith Mills Deputy City Manager / Capital Projects Manager 321-837-7777
Mark Piccirillo Public Works Director 321-727-3710
Thomas Forbes Building Official 321-837-7776
Cynthia Hanscom City Clerk 321-837-7774
Margi Starkey Finance Director 321-837-7775
Christy Fischer Planning and Economic Development Director 321-837-7778
Tom Bradford Information Technology Director 321-837-7773
Rich Boprey Parks and Recreation Director 321-837-7779
Kimberly Gale Human Resources Director  321-837-7754

Sanitary Sewer and Reuse Operations
Additionally, the City contracts with Jacobs for the operations and maintenance of the Ray Bullard Water Reclamation Facility and the sanitary sewage collection and disposal system, as well as the reclaimed water distribution system.

Ph: 321-984-0485