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City Management
City Manager
Scott Morgan
Ph: 321-837-7771
Police Chief
Richard T. Wiley
Ph: 321-723-9673
City Attorney
Morris Richardson
Ph: 321-837-7772

Management Team
The Management Team who reports to the City Manager includes:

Team Member Position Phone Number/Extension
Keith Mills Deputy City Manager / Capital Projects Manager 321-837-7777
Mark Piccirillo Public Works Director 321-727-3710
Thomas Forbes Building Official 321-837-7776
Cynthia Hanscom City Clerk 321-837-7774
Margi Starkey Finance Director 321-837-7775
Christy Fischer Planning and Economic Development Director 321-837-7778
Tom Bradford Information Technology Director 321-837-7773
Rich Boprey Parks and Recreation Director 321-837-7779
Kimberly Gale Human Resources Director  321-837-7754

Additionally, the City contracts with CH2M for the operations and maintenance of the Ray Bullard Water Reclamation Facility and the sanitary sewage collection and disposal system.

Ph: 321-984-0485