Building Department

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, these new procedures need to be followed for permits:

Small permit packages can be emailed in to:

These will be permits that do not have the large plans

If copies need to be made, we will make the copies at no charge.  Once the permit is paid for, we will make copies of the hard-card and email that along with any attached paperwork back to you.

Please call (321) 837-7776 with any questions or concerns regarding permitting.


The Building Department actually functions as three divisions under the direction of the Building Official:


Administration and enforcement of the various local codes and ordinances associated with construction of new structures, and alteration, repairs or additions to existing structures, including state and federal laws. Responsibilities include:

  • Inspections for compliance
  • Permit issuance
  • Plan review

Code Enforcement

Responsibilities include:

  • Administration and enforcement of municipal codes and ordinances that regulate:
    • Construction
    • Sanitation
    • Zoning
    • Land development and use
    • Any others that have an effect on health, safety and general welfare of the public
  • Ensure collection of assessed penalties
  • Ensure compliance with orders issued
  • Investigate citizens' complaints
  • Maintain records
  • Require corrections as necessary and/or process alleged violations of the City Code of Ordinances to the City Code Enforcement Board


This department works closely with Brevard County fire prevention, planning and engineering in the review of site plans, subdivision development and land use change requests, including the variance and special exception application process.


The following are the permitting requirements for storm affected properties. Minor repairs to roofing (under 100 square feet damage), soffit/fascia, minor siding damage, and any repairs or replacement of fencing does not require any permitting. Interior drywall replacement due to flooding only requires permitting if the electrical system in your house has been affected (flood waters reached the heights of the outlets).

For your own protection hire only licensed and insured contractors or you can complete the work as an owner/builder if you own and reside in the residence.

All other repairs will required to be permitted through the Building Department but all fees have been waived for Irma damaged properties. Thank you and be safe.