Uncodified Ordinances

Ordinance NumberDescriptionFirst ReadingSecond Reading
Large Scale Map Amendment for Springs of Hibiscus07/17/1808/21/18
Rezoning for Springs of Hibiscus07/17/1808/21/18
Code Amendment adding Residential Use to Commercial New Haven (C-NH)07/17/1808/21/18
Code Amendment Changing Timing of Collection of Development Fees08/21/1809/04/18
Code Amendment Reducing the Minimum Hotel Room Area Required08/21/1810/02/18
Code Amendment Allowing a Master Plan Concept in Gateway Interchange District10/16/1811/20/18
2018-17Small Scale Amendment for Your Life11/20/1812/04/18
2018-18Rezoning for Your Life11/20/1812/04/18
2018-19Code Amendment Changing Dedication of Parkland or Payment of Recreation Fee11/20/1812/04/18
2018-20Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan12/4/201812/18/2018
Small Scale Amendment for 1220 Wickham Road
Rezoning for 1220 S. Wickham Road